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About counselling 

Sometimes life can feel overwhelming, making you  sad, angry, confused or depressed. It can be hard to make sense of things, to move on, or make decisions. Perhaps you have had a bereavement, a breakdown of a relationship, or are experiencing stress, anxiety, anger or depression. There can be times when we all need some support in our lives, and working with a counsellor can give you the opportunity to explore your feelings, thoughts, fears and concerns without interruption and at your own pace. 
Counselling is a talking therapy, where you are able to openly talk about issues which are concerning you, without judgement, or prejudice  in a safe environment with a professional who will be able to support you in finding a solution or a path to understanding your reactions, behaviours, distress or confusion.
As an experienced therapist, I will really listen to you and hear what you say without judgement or prejudice. You will not be  given advice, taken advantage of or offered a magic cure. I will support and enable you to make connections with behaviour patterns and your emotional and physical reactions.  Together, we can work to identify areas in your life, past or present, that may be holding you back or causing you emotional pain or anxiety. 
My role and my aim is to support you to move forwards in your life, to feel better and reach a place where you want to be. My goal will be to help you  to look after yourself emotionally and for you develop strategies to help you cope. 

I strongly believe that we are all unique human beings, with our own different experiences of life and circumstances. Because of this, I also believe that no one style of counselling suits all clients. As a trained integrative counsellor,  I use various different theoretical and therapeutic approaches in order to best  support  and work individually with each and every client. 

There is no set length of time or number of sessions for therapy,  as each person is different and their issues are unique to them. For some clients, therapy can last several weeks, for others months or longer.
As counselling is such a personal process, it is very important that that you feel comfortable with me and that I am the right person to support you. To help with this, I offer the initial session at a reduced rate, so you can meet me, with no pressure or obligation, but as an opportunity for you to outline your problem and discuss whether counselling is the right therapy for you. 
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